In early December, I found myself falling in line for Confession in response to the penitential theme of the Advent season. It was unfortunate though that I was not able to complete the sacrament and receive absolution. Worse, the following weeks were too busy that time seems to be running out. Christmas is fast approaching, but I have not yet gone to Confession. It is therefore with great joy and relief that I found myself falling in line again for Confession at past ten in the evening on the 23rd of December.

Confess I did, and absolution I did receive. The timing is great. It was just in time for the celebration of Christmas. I was able to receive Jesus in Holy Communion on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, and on Christmas Day. And it was a great joy to have done so after weeks of spiritual drought and tepidity.

While on one hand, it is our responsibility to examine our conscience, call to mind our sins, repent, confess them and do penance, it is also God who calls us to Confession. This particular experience has taught me that while we are athirst for the living God, God is also athirst for us. We are not the only ones looking for God. God is also looking for us. We are not the only one calling to Him. He is also calling us. Our efforts may be insufficient to find a way, but God makes sure to make a way… in His time.

Truly, “from his fullness, we have all received, grace in place of grace” (John 1:16).

Originally published at on December 31, 2017.